Key words: Japan, higher education, globalization O. V. ORUSOVA Candidate of Economic Sciences The education system played an important role in the post-war economic "miracle" in Japan. As it turned out, workers with good education (general and professional) not only learn new equipment better, but also use it more effectively, and professional development is faster and more fruitful.1 Globalization and the growing involvement of countries ' economies in the common world space require improving the education system around the world. The information technology revolution at the turn of the 21st century fundamentally changes not only the mode of production, but also the way of life of people, the nature of their relationships, and the system of values. It is precisely because of its identity that Japan feels this particularly acutely. The era of information technology has brought the Internet-a tool that requires a purely individual approach. The Japanese method of making decisions based on general agreement does not go well with it. Japan's "secret weapon", the important components of its post - war economic success - patriarchy in labor and business relations, consensus approach-have become obsolete in the era of the new economy. Collectivism, which was a source of strength for Japan in the 1950s and 1980s, has now become the cause of its weakness. Now the key to success is personal creative initiative. And in the current, steep curve of Japanese history, the crossfire of criticism turned out to be exactly what the Land of the Rising Sun used to be proud of, namely: the education system. Its core is education in the spirit of Japanese-style collectivism. Now it is necessary to educate the independence of young people. In the context of high competition between different education systems in the world, the reform and modernization of higher education is of particular importance for Japan. THE STRUCTURE IS AMERICAN, THE SPIRIT IS JAPANESE Structurally, the system of g ... Read more

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22.08.2023 (298 days ago)
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