In 2009, the book "The World After" was published in Paris.: An unprecedented crisis "(Pigasse M., Finchelstein G. Le monde apres: Une crise sans precedent. P.: Plon, 2009). Its authors - Mathieu Pigasse, Vice-president of the Lazare Frere Bank, and Gilles Finkelstein, President of the Jean Jaures Foundation-analyze the current global financial crisis and the new configuration of the world economy emerging after it. The book examines and analyzes in great detail the causes that led to the global crisis. But the main purpose of this book is to suggest measures that developed countries should take to overcome the crisis. According to the authors, the main prerequisites have been formed over the past 20 years-from the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 to the global financial crisis in 2008. Note that this is the period of the triumphant march of globalization on the planet, and the first decade-with the undeniably dominant role of the United States. These 20 years, according to Pigasse and Finkelstein, are associated with three illusions. The first is the belief in a model of economic growth based on debt growth (p.13). The second illusion is that economic liberalization, the rejection of state regulation and complete market freedom were imposed on all countries as a universal solution. The apogee was the lack of regulation of the international financial system. The third illusion was the belief that one country - the United States - could dominate the world unchallenged. But all three illusions were shattered (p. 14). A new world configuration is created. Trends towards its development have taken place before, but the crisis has intensified them. Developed countries are going through difficult times ("the decline of Europe" is a very hackneyed term). The United States is beginning to lose its position as a superpower. Their growth model was hit in the heart. At the same time, the power of emerging market countries is growing, with "we (developed countries) we still unde ... Read more

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