S. V. PROGOZHINA Doctor of Philological Sciences Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Keywords: Moroccan fiction, social inequality, women housekeepers "Hasna, or the fate of one woman" is the title of a book published in 2011 by Maria Hessus1anative and resident of Casablanca, a philologist, a specialist in Western literature, who has a versatile education, numerous diplomas, and is interested in neuro-linguistics, management, and programming... She is already the author of several works of fiction, including the novel "Double Life" (2009). Judging by the resume, M. Gessus is one of those young, modern Moroccan women who belong to an environment where prosperity allows a woman to be independent and secure to get a very significant baggage for life. However, as her new book shows, M. Hessus is deeply interested in the life of the opposite stratum of Moroccan society-people who are destitute, unhappy, unable to break the cycle of eternal doom to poverty, domestic slavery, which sometimes becomes the lot of millions of Moroccan women. Sometimes - because in both colonial and post-colonial times, being a servant in someone's house was precisely the" privilege " of a woman: they fed their numerous families, their earnings were the main ones in the cities where people who were ruined in the villages tried to move... And even today, judging by other testimonies of Moroccan women, almost slave labor of a woman who has the status of "housekeeper" (or, as it is euphoniously pronounced in French, "bonny") in rich homes (and there were and are many of them in Morocco), the only help is for their families who live somewhere in the mountains or on the edge of the desert, in the hinterland, or huddle on the poor outskirts of large Moroccan cities inhabited by unemployed people. It happens, of course, that men serve as footmen in rich houses, but even so, all the "menial" work in the house is done by women. "Bonna" in the house today is almost on a par ... Read more

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