What is the hallmark of modern Japan today? This is no longer an ikebana, not a tea ceremony, or even computers or robots, but Japanese animated films that have conquered the whole world - anime, popular comics-manga, original Japanese rock and pop music, now referred to as "J-rock" and "J-pop", original and relevant today Japanese fashion, etc. - everything that is considered to belong to the sphere of so-called "mass culture". In the field of mass culture, which in the post-war years gradually became an integral part of the world cultural space, Japan for many years was far from the strongest and most authoritative player, if we do not take into account, of course, the mass production of first - class televisions, stereo and video recorders, etc., established in Japan, which helped to introduce residents of many countries to heroes of Hollywood films, a collection of Disney cartoons, and other attributes of Western mass culture. About the most modern culture of Japan in the world knew little. In recent years, as if trying to resolve this contradiction, the Japanese have introduced the world to the most interesting and original mass culture, which harmoniously combines the experience of centuries-old traditions and all the latest achievements that came from outside. This culture not only thrives widely on Japanese soil, but also attracts a lot of attention from abroad. NEW CHALLENGE In the second half of the XX century. Japan has made an impressive economic breakthrough, followed by a new one - cultural. Perhaps only Japan today has been able to provide a worthy response to the United States ' long-standing cultural hegemony in the field of mass culture - American jazz, Disney animation, Hollywood's dominance in world cinema, etc. Japanese animation and comics have found their adherents - "fans" - all over the world and entered the international lexicon. New generations of young Americans, Europeans and Asians grew up not on "Mickey Mouse" and "Tom and Jerry", but ... Read more

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