UK Keywords: immigration, multiculturalism, integration, Islam G. A. KARPOV Job Seeker Institute of Africa, Russian Academy of Sciences In February 2011, British Prime Minister David Cameron sharply criticized the policy of multiculturalism that has been implemented in the UK over the past few decades. In the past, such statements could have supported such a high-level policy, but it has become impossible to ignore and ignore the obvious shortcomings of multiculturalism. Cameron was not the only one who criticized multiculturalism. Earlier, in October 2010, this was done by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and a few days after Cameron, in February 2011, by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. August 2011 was marked by major riots in the cities of Great Britain. During the period from 6 to 12 August, a series of pogroms swept through London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol. Neighborhoods where a large number of representatives of national and religious minorities live, primarily visitors from Asian and African countries, have become catalysts for unrest. Then the looting spread to neighboring areas. With great difficulty, the British authorities managed to bring the situation under control, several hundred people were detained. The pogroms that rocked London and other English cities last summer may well be repeated there in late July or early August during the 2012 Olympic Games, if urgent measures are not taken to eliminate the causes that gave rise to them. This warning was issued by the authors of the report published here, prepared by order of the British government. Among the main factors behind the riots and robberies, experts from the Independent Commission named " poverty, unemployment and dissatisfaction with the actions of the police." "The plight, of course, can not be an excuse for criminal attacks, - said the head of the commission, Darra Singh. "However, we must strive to solve the problems behind them. Otherwise, everything can happen again. ... Read more

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